Nmap result viewer

I didn’t find a really good way to handle nmap output for larger scans, usually I ended up importing output into a spreadsheet to do sorting and filtering and stuff. To make my life easier, I instead wrote a one-page-app which gobbles up the nmap output xml file and allows you to do all these things on a webpage.

Some info:

  • Based on datatables (www.datatables.net) and jquery, mustache.js, icanhaz.js
  • No server side logic, all clientside
  • Can be used totally offline, and without a webserver (filesystem works fine)
  • Can do export into csv, pdf and ‘print-view’ (…but YMMV…)
  • Does filtering by individual fields or all
  • Does sorting
  • You can specify what fields you want to view (show/hide columns), and if script output is displayed inline or on a separate row.

Oh, and you can also find it under Tools. Or, just click here


Source code repos:

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