A javascript console packed with some goodies, on-click evalation makes it very nice to work with, especially when crafting injection vectors, filter bypasses and your run-of-the-mill stuff that needs to get done during an appsec test.

It is based on CodeMirror and HighlightJS and is pre-loaded with CryptoJS and some other nifty stuff.

Usecase - check MD5

var x = read('foo');

Usecase - fix luhn digit on some generated numbers:

var y = "";
for(var x = 100; x < 200; x++)
  y += util.luhn("1234 1234 1234 "+x)+"\r\n";

You can also click ‘share’ to generate a shareable URL to demonstrate things. Oh, and you can also find it under Tools. Or, just click here


Source code repos:

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