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This is a pure client-side nmap parser. You 'upload' an nmap xml-file to the page (but magic javascript pixies handle the file without sending anything on the network),


There are filters at the bottom of each column. They are easy to miss, but simple to understand. One thing to note is that they are regular expressions. So, if you e.g. want to see *only* all plain-text http, you would perhaps like to remove all ports which are tunneled over ssl.

You would then type in a filter in the 'tunnel' column like this: ^$ where ^ means 'start' and $ means 'end'.

Other features

You can export data to different formats, though your mileage may vary. Some platforms do better than others, pdf never worked very well for me...

You can disable/enable columns that aren't interesting on the top right corner of the tables.


Feedback is very welcome :

Written by Martin Holst Swende 2011, release as GPLv2. Go nuts.

Address Type Hostnames State Reason Osclass Osmatch Hostscripts
Host Port Proto State Service Tunnel Reason Product Version Extra info Script output