A new site

For a few years, I’ve been using Wordpress CMS for this site, but have finally switched to using Jekyll for statically generating HTML-pages instead.

The pros for such a solution are quite nice:

  • No more potentially unsafe gigantic PHP monoliths on my server
  • In fact, no more PHP on my server

And, somewhere a lot further down the importance-scale:

  • It’s faster

The cons? Not much. Not if you place the burden of “dynamic” on the client, instead of the server. Using Bootstrap to generate responsiveness, Twitter API:s to import realtime data, Bitbucket API:s to fetch project information, Google Analytics for statistics and something like Disqus to handle comments, I don’t need any server side logic.

And, I would guess, neither do most. If you are a corporation who uses the web to publicise information, (as opposed to using the web to offer a service, like Google, Twitter, Mega, Facebook etc), you should use this approach.

And if you don’t want to go all-in with a new CMS, you can use something like Httrack to copy a dynamic website and get something static to publish.

I may be biased from my work as a security consultant, but disabling PHP makes me sleep a lot better at night.